January 30, 2021

hieroglyphics trail and some new friends

On MLK, Jr day, we took our girls on a hike at the Superstition Mountains—the heiroglyphics trail. 

It was a bit of struggle to get going.

But once we got going, and especially once we made it to the boulders and rocks to scramble all over, Layla was in hiking heaven. 

It’s just so cool to see the petroglyphs on the rock walls.

Gorgeous views here, too.

We went inside this little cave of boulders.

And Eric went to the other side and started growling like a bear. 

Brinna was delighted to be scared by a “bear.” So she shut her eyes tight so the bear wouldn’t get her.

Soon she realized it would be more effective to hide from the bear behind her hands.

She wanted her daddy to play the game over and over.

Layla now begs to go on this hike again. She loved it.

I havent been out hiking as much as I thought I would with the nice weather here. But I still get out by myself or with my “mountain mamas” at least weekly. Usually more. 

My good friend invited me to hike with her and some of her friends one morning. It was a rainy morning and I almost didn’t go because of it. I had to channel my former Seattle-ite blood to get myself out into the rain. But I was so grateful for the invitation and these ladies welcomed me with open arms. They were sweet, genuine, and we could bond over life’s challenges quite easily. One of the ladies I had actually texted with soon after my mastectomy to give her some tips and advice so it was so nice to meet her in person. I’m grateful that God keeps putting good people in my path.

One evening I hiked by myself and drove home under this beautiful sunset. The sun was a perfect ball of orange that night. Incredible!

Holly Decker said...

i think its time we start up the super hiking dudes club again... amiright?

Laura said...

Ha, would love that, Holly! I’ll pull out my shirt. ;)