January 7, 2021

happy new year

I think most people were ready to say goodbye to 2020. 2020 was a doozy of a year. But in reality it was much better than my 2018 or my 2019. So I felt a little indifferent on the matter.

But I am all about any chance for a fresh start or a party so I was excited for this new year's! 

We had two families over to celebrate with us on New Year's Eve. We ate pizza and treats and played games while the kids all played.

At 10pm we joined New York as the ball dropped to ring in the New Year.

We played with fireworks and sparklers.

Happy New Year!

We got the younger kids in bed while the teenagers crashed our house for awhile and played games and set of their own fireworks. 

Eric and I stood out on our balcony at midnight and watched fireworks go off in every direction. How lucky I felt to be standing there under that sky next to my best friend with the hope of a new year lighting up the sky with every burst of color.

The next morning seemed even more hopeful and fresh and alive.

While the younger kids played with friends, we took the older boys on a hike near lost dutchman. 
Where we could dance in the new year!

I'm glad we could hike together and talk about life and work out some things that we needed to work out together. I love how hiking encourages deep conversation.

Kyler was there too, but somehow he avoided the camera. Maybe because I was so captivated by the cactus.

It was a lovely start to the new year. I was so hopeful. We were all sorting out our new year's resolutions. And we were ready for school to start a few days later.

ALAS. After a circus of a board meeting, our school district decided to return to virtual learning for two weeks. Which made me BOIL inside. Our kids, MY kids, need to be in school. With the data and the evidence in the schools and how our school district is handling things, you just can not convince me that this is a plan in the best interest of our children.

This is how life goes though, isn't it? We hope and we plan and then we adjust.

I've had to adjust a lot. I am teaching Layla myself instead of having her participate in virtual school because it's just not how she learns. She will return to her class as soon as in person resumes though. I have to make sure someone is always available for Perry during the day. And has eyes on Brinna, too. And the older boys jump from google meet to google meet. It's a lot to manage again, especially when I am still working on some things myself. But we take what we are given and we carry on.

This first week of the new year is reminding me once again not to have expectations.  To focus on what's most important. To rise to the occasion. That life is about building character and showing love and not about a checklist to accomplish in a week. 

Here we go 2021.