January 20, 2021

good books

Every once in awhile Eric is great about walking into a room and pulling out his phone to take a picture of our family moments. I'm so grateful he has learned to do this. Because he has documented some of my favorite moments. Moments like this one.

Back in December, the girls and I spent many nights cuddling under the christmas tree reading christmas books together. It felt so magical and peaceful to enjoy so many stories under the twinkling lights. It was hands down my favorite part of the christmas season.

Though another highlight of the season also includes good books. I hosted my second annual favorite book exchange party.

Everyone brings an unwrapped favorite book. These were the picks this year.

After eating and talking, we each went around and gave a brief explanation of the book we brought and why. Then we rolled a dice and passed our book to the right that many times to start the exchange. Then we did a five minute frenzied exchange. We set a timer and passed two bowls around, each with two dice. When you got a bowl you quickly rolled the dice. If you rolled a double, 7 or 11 then you got to exchange your book with anyone that you chose. At the end of the timer, that is the book you got to go home with. These were the books we went home with.

It was such a fun group of women that night. Our book club hasn't been meeting that often because of covid so this was really nice to gather with women who inspire me, teach me, make me laugh, and our united with me in a love of good books.