December 1, 2020

thanksgiving feast

It was a happy thanksgiving that left our both our hearts and bellies full.

We were grateful for dear friends, new friends, and family to share the day with.

We were excited to get to host this year. We gathered up tables from around the house and found seating for everyone. We did not have enough matching spoons, even for the adult table (where did all my spoons disappear to??), but we did have enough seats and for that I was truly happy about.

Each of my children played a part in setting the tables in our "fancy" way. I love working side by side with my kids on stuff like this to figure out how to fold napkins, arrange flowers, iron placemats, etc. 

We didn't think to snap a picture until the children had their fill and disappeared from the tables. But the food was amazing!!! Everyone contributed and it turned out so yummy and my belly was FULL.

The boys consumed video games while the girls worked hard to create a play to perform for us.

THere was some very good acting in their performance of "the Lost Princess."

The audience was thoroughly entertained.

As we sat around the Thanksgiving table, Mandi asked each of us to say something we are grateful for but it had to be something superficial. It was hard to just pick one honestly. I said my comfortable bed, but I am also grateful for
hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, good smelling soap, Wet brushes, hot showers, laundry baskets, carpet, scissors, sharpie pens, journals, maps and globes, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, a rack to hand clothes, my steamer, a good vacuum, bracelets, rings, a curl straightener brush, makeup, good smelling laundry soap, good shoes, pretty sandals, yoga pants, running shorts, hiking fanny packs, paddleboards, pillows, children's art, snacks, movie theater popcorn...
I could go on for ages! Because the truth is even when I think some things in my life are crappy or not what I wanted or hoped they would be, even when those things are hard and frustrating, if I stop and slow down and notice all of the good in my life, man I have been blessed beyond measure. There are so many tangible things, so much beauty in nature, so many people, so many gifts, talents, skills, so many things to enjoy with my five senses---what a wonderful world!

I hope you can see that, too. It takes time and a little bit of effort, but notice all the good--the smallest things and the big things and everything in between and you will see that you have a beautiful life, too. Not a perfect life. Not an easy life. But a beautiful life.