December 10, 2020


The world is a better place because this kid came into it seventeen years ago.

I was  excited when Kyler asked me to be in a picture with him during family pictures. It was his idea to high five right on the sun. Taking the picture was fun. Seeing the picture reminds me what a force for good and a light Kyler is. 

With everything inside of me, I know that Kyler has an unstoppable power to do good and lift those around him. He is a force of creativity, wisdom, and love. He makes my mama heart proud.

His birthday came the day before Thanksgiving this year. I think it worked out though that even though most people were busy with family and holiday plans, because our schools were out that day we were able to celebrate him in some fun ways.

Layla kicked the morning off with Kyler's very special happy birthday sign.

I loved her list of things Kyler loves: his family, saved by the bell, star wars, he likes to right (write), video games, his birthday, wrestling, soccer, country music, reading books, playing games, trucks, and teasing his sister all the time. That pretty much sums Kyler up.

We had a group of his friends over for a birthday breakfast.

After breakfast, we introduced them to the Flour Game.

You place a penny at the bottom of a small bowl or cup. Then you pack flour into the bowl. You place a plate on top of the bowl and then flip it over to have a perfect stack of flour with a penny on top. You take turns using a knife to cute straight down into the flour. The person who makes the penny fall when they cut has to retrieve the penny without using their hands.

We played a few rounds.

Then we got Kyler outside and the boys tried to dump flour on him. They mostly missed.

So Halle took it into her own hands to cover the birthday boy in a layer of white.

Then they all turned on Saved by the Bell episodes (I seriously love that Kyler and a few of his friends love that show as much as I did as a kid) before starting to watch the reboot of the show.

Once his friends left, we gave Kyler our presents to him.

Then we went to my sister's house for cake since she shares the same birthday as Kyler, only 23 years apart.

Kyler made this collage to post on instagram to #givethanks for his brothers, but I think it is very fitting to insert this here.

Kyler got a bunch of shoutouts on instagram. I just loved seeing the pictures they posted of him.

We had every intention to get Kyler the costco cake he requested on his birthday, but the day was full so instead we celebrated again a few days later. 

We got creative to get 17 on that cake since we didn't have enough candles. 8+6+3=17

I'm so glad we got to celebrate Kyler. We love him so much!! As a leader, example, and friend, he is an important part of our family.