December 31, 2020

kitchen update

 When we bought our house we didn't have any plans to make any changes right away. A few months in, and we decided it might be nice to brighten up our kitchen. We just concluded if we were going to do it in a few years, we might as well do it now.

So we started by whitewashing the tan stone backsplash. 

We debated a lot on new flooring. We knew we couldn't replace the flooring in the whole house so we needed to find something that would work with the wood flooring downstairs. It was a fiasco trying to make the tile decision. We'd fine one we wanted then would find out they didn't have nough for our floor etc.

We finally found a new tile. So in the days before the demolition, we let the kids draw with sharpie on the old travertine.

Some beautiful floor art work. Kind of sad we had to destroy it.

But destroyed it was!

New tile went in! And we got half of our new countertops installed.

The cabinets began the process of being painted white and the island countertop was installed.

The cabinets were finished. And then Eric went to work to finish things off.

We changed lighting, added cabinet pulls, found barstools, and replaced cabinets with open shelving. I love how much lighter it feels now. We still have some finishing touches on the backsplash and the drywall that needs repaired but happy how it is coming along.