December 16, 2020

Christmas tree

We take Christmas Tree decorating very seriously around here. Not the results of the tree at the end. Not that. But the experience.

It starts when the first ornament is ceremoniously placed on the tree.

Then the decorating begins!

Everyone helps to place the ornaments on the tree.

Our favorite ornaments are the homemade ones we have gotten over the years from the children. Here are a few good ones.

Once all of the ornaments have been placed, one person places the star on the top. Kyler had the honor this year.

Placing this star is much more difficult than it sounds.

His face!

See what I mean? Haha

We did some work but we got it up there as straight as we could. Just in time for Elsa to join us.

Just a reminder that this is real life and pretty pictures don’t tell the whooolllle, Perry was accidentally touched by Layla’s elbow. And that was just one of the fights. We take the hard and the chaos with the good around here!

Heeeyyyy! I just thought it was my turn to “ruin” a picture. ;)

Once the tree went up it was officially Christmas season!