December 7, 2020

101 Dalmatians

I have the cutest little Sweet puppy. 

She was one out of 101 who performed on stage at the Queen Creek Performing Arts center.

Layla LOVED being part of this play with all of her heart. She especially loved that she could be in it with her cousin.

Layla also got to know a few other little girls better.

As much fun as she had onstage, I do believe that the highlight of the experience was being backstage.

The 101 Dalmatians were organized into groups--Latin, 60s, Princess, Beatnik, etc. Layla was put into the Sweets group.

Her group had a solo dance to songs like "sugar, sugar."

The amazing thing about this performance was that these kids were able to put this show together in such limited time. Because of covid, they rehearsed in small groups and even had the majority of their practices canceled. However, in the end we were all so grateful that they could still perform on stage all of the scheduled nights! Even if that meant that they had to wear masks the majority of the time. Their puppy masks turned out pretty cute.

Taking a bow!

I got to help backstage during one of the performances. It was a lot of fixing tutus, but I was happy to serve and see behind the scenes of the show. 

There were six performances. They added extra shows so they could spread the audience out a bit more. The last night was so bittersweet. We presented Layla with some flowers.

Then we took the girls to eat at panda express and presented them each with a Dalmatian stuffy to remember their first theater experience.

So proud of this girl and glad she got to do something she loves!