November 6, 2020

Vertuccio Farm

Visiting Vertuccio Farm is becoming a yearly arizona tradition. The temperature here dropped for two days into the 60s and so we jumped at the chance to wear jackets and went to the farm after school. (It was so crowded so I guess a lot of people had that same idea.)

Brinna would not let me put her down on the giant jumping inflatable, but Perry had a blast jumping around us.

Why did I ever think that when they grew up they would stop climbing on things? Being a teen sure doesn't stop them.

And this is when we lost it. We were waiting for the hay bales to take a picture on. The family in line in front of us LITERALLY took at least ten-fifteen minutes getting a picture with every combination of family members imaginable (all the grand kids, all the boys, each family, individuals...). It would've been comical if it wasn't us waiting behind them. 

Waiting is hard for our little family. So there was some hay throwing which turned into some yelling. But we tried to make the best of it!

I think the birds in some of these hay pictures was so cool.


Finally it was our turn! :)

We enjoyed a few more of the activities before it got dark.

My personal favorite is always the corn maze. We take turns letting each kid lead us for awhile. 

They are getting so big :)

Until next year, Vertuccio!