November 24, 2020

these days

This is a catch up quick post right here. It's a snapshot of many little things that have been documented on my phone over the last couple months. 

Starting with this little friend of mine.. I'm sure her Layla Belle best friend/sister helped her do this one with the stickers.

Night time cuddles...

Layla and I have been reading the book "Wish" together. We are slowly plugging away chapter by chapter when we get some time in the evenings. Reading with my kids is one of my favorite parts of being a mom. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like right now, but I love when we do get a chance.

Well, let's just say that Kyler made a memorable night the time he let a friend cut his hair into a mullet.

Kyler goes to in person school for four classes and two classes are online. He is taking journalism and writes for the school newspaper. He is thriving! He is such a talented writer. I LOVE reading his articles.

We got in a few good trips to the splash pad.

We were getting a new trailer hitch installed on our van so we had to be in mesa. My heart always skips a beat when I'm home in Mesa. I especially fell nostalgic when I see that diving swimmer Motel sign--a historic landmark that is so close to my childhood home.

I took these three to the zoo on a beautiful day before our membership expired.

We decided to hike hole in the rock after our zoo adventure.

Layla wanted to be photographer, too.

This is one hike that Brinna can hike the whole way. She was so proud of her hiking abilities! And loved hiking hand in hand with her big brother.

Eric and I went on a double date with our friends for Axe throwing.

Guess who walked away with "Lumberlord" stamped on her leg?! hahaha It was pure luck that I won the last game.

I joined my friend at a women's conference at her community christian church. I loved being surrounded by good women and joining them in worship and hearing some comedy and inspiration.

We took these three best friends to the natural history museum in mesa. I was surprised, but Brinna was terrified the first time she saw the dinosaurs. She screamed out of terror and clutched me tight. And we were not even inside the museum yet. I was able to talk her through it and we were brave together as we went through the museum. By the end, she was feeling comfortable and we were able to enjoy the rest of the museum. 

Some good dinosaur faces here! Roar!

It was darling seeing them grab onto each other's hands as we walked around the block.

Perry and Brinna's relationship melts my heart. Their sibling love runs deep.

Layla prepared a fancy dinner for us one night. He favorite part of meal prep is setting the table. 

When my parents came into town, my dad joined these girls and me on a hike.

Beautiful sunset!

The weather is becoming so lovely (though definitely on the warmer side compared to most years. We are setting heat records in arizona this year!). It's nice that we can enjoy our backyard a bit more. We sat outside for a sunday family church meeting one day. I think that we will do that more often!

THis is how most sundays go--arguing, messes, and some wrestling.

As much as I love my boys, I just can't end this post with that picture. haha. So here is another beautiful view from our sunset hike.

I'm so close to being back in real time! whoo hoo!