November 17, 2020

take me back to the river on the 21st night of September

There is good and there is bad about getting so behind on posting here. 

The bad: how dang daunting it is to go back and try to catch up at the same time that life moves forward. and trying to remember what I have already shared.

The good: getting to revisit happy moments, especially of the summer season

I wonder how many river posts I have written this year? I seriously was there at least once a week for nearly six months so I guess it's warranted.

These were my girls on the second to last river run of the season. 

The sunset was breathtaking!

We knew that the river flow would be shut down at anytime. So we were so excited that on Sept. 21st we made it out for one last sunset run.

hello magical horses!

We knew we needed to end the season with a bang. So we played the whole river through. There was yoga, dancing, paddle board jumping, and swinging from the canyon rope. 

We combined all that fun into a music video entitled "the 21st night of September" to the song "September".

Goodbye, river! Until next season...