November 5, 2020

Pre-Halloween parade

Trunk or treats were banned in our church stake area this year. So our ward council got creative and decided to hold a Halloween parade. They created a float and invited everyone to stand outside their own home and they would come by and throw candy to us. 

My kids said yes to candy and another opportunity to dress up.

Eric was asked to ride his bike at the front of the float to keep everyone off of the streets etc. He decked his bike out with glowsticks and had a lot of fun riding the route with everyone.


(I'm trying really hard to catch up on here because we really do love having a family record. But I am feeling so far behind that starting with now and working backwards has seemed more manageable so that's what I've been doing this week. Once I get back to where I left off in september then I can resume back to the here and now. Here we go...)