November 3, 2020

Mortimer farm

What makes October complete is a trip to the farm! 

We decided to try out a new farm that is near my parents house--Mortimer Farm. It was two hours away, but it was a fun little place and worth it to spend some time with grandparents.

It had all the fun of a farm.

This was my favorite. Do you think someone could build me this swing for our backyard?

You twist it up and then let go and it spins as it goes down.

Brinn really wanted a turn herself, and wasn't exactly thrilled at the alternative swing I found for her.

Grandma took a turn!

We enjoyed our dusty ride to tour the farm.

We were ones who entered the corn maze.

It's not actually that difficult to walk through a maze of dead corn, just in case you were wondering. 

This boy gives me the best poses! ;)

Eric was the king of corny jokes during this maze.

His dad jokes just added something special to our experience.

Layla was excited to find some real corn along the way.

You can see a layer of dirt on this little girl. Surely that's a sign of a fun day!

We also saw all the signs that this was a tired little girl who missed her nap.

See, there was something fun for everybody. ;)

I'm glad we took the day to spend at the farm!