November 4, 2020

faces that give me hope

Life has been so strange lately. Between covid and election, everything feels unsettled. Have you felt that, too?

There is one thing keeping me grounded and hopeful--my children.

Yep, these are the faces that bring me peace and purpose:

Don't you feel peaceful now, too? ;)

These pictures on my phone just remind me that even though I don't have control over the big wide world around me, I do have a lot of control about what happens inside our little home and family. I can choose how I spend time with my family. I can choose what we talk about and how we treat each other and those around us. I can create happy memories and experiences for them to learn from. We can have fun and be a refuge from the world for each other.

I'm glad Brinna gave us all of her silly faces as we tried to take a picture together one afternoon while waiting for children to come home from school.

See, there can be pure joy no matter who is elected or not elected and whatever covid chaos is out there.

There are many things we don't have control over, but there are many things we do.

(I'm glad E and I are a team raising these five kids.)