November 16, 2020

escape room 13: Brake Out Arizona

Way back in September, my sister organized a big group of us to experience Brake Out Arizona. It's a mobile escape room. They converted an old school bus into a puzzle experience.

The concept is fun if you have a big group of people. You can bring the bus to your location and have groups run through it. They can adjust the length of your experience because it is not linear.

Being on the bus was very unique. They had a few interesting elements. I do think it's just tricky trying to do an escape room with a large group of people. It's hard to know what people have already done or tried so you don't get to experience all of the puzzles. They packed the bus with real items to make it look and feel lived in and real. This was both interesting and very distracting. Personally, I felt like it was too much going on to know what to find or do. Some of the puzzles and clues were a little confusing and frustrating. But some things were well done. 

This escape room experience is pretty new so I tried to keep that in mind. They are still working out some kinks, but it had potential.

There were two groups that ran through that night. Our group set the all time record for an escape!

Fun night, but not one that I'd highly recommend. So I'd give it three stars.

Brake Out Arizona=***