November 8, 2020

decades, dancer, and ninja warrior

Layla participated in every dress up day at her school for red ribbon week. A chance to wear something other than a uniform was very exciting! She rocked pajama day and mismatch day, but I only remembered to take a picture on decades day. We picked this old shirt of mine to wear. We think maybe late 90s or early 2000s?? I don’t even know, but I used to wear it. Please do not judge me for still having it.

Brinna started dance class! She was so excited about it until everyone else came in. Then she refused to dance or move. Her first day was also a Halloween celebration so I got to come in at the end for them to perform a little Halloween dance. This is what she did the whole time:

But we are sticking with it and each week she warms up a bit more.

Perry started watching American Ninja warrior and he loved it. He loved it so much that he was determined to get Sri g and practice his ninja moves. This was so fun to watch him develop his ninja skills! Love him.