October 15, 2020

cross country

Oh man, cross country runners have grit and strength unlike any others, don't they? especially here in arizona.

These two brothers have spent the last few months at 5am practices and then transitioned to 3pm in the heat of the day practices. I don't know if early mornings or intense heat was worse. But either way these two boys are so incredible to do it and to work so hard. I'm so proud of their commitment and dedication!

Brinna insisted that they each race her too on cross country meet day. She is definitely one feirce competitor for them.

There have been a few changes to races because of covid. They spread them out a little bit more to run in more heats. And they have to wear masks on the sidelines (oh I still think that's the silliest rule, but I'm so glad they can be out there running again!).

These guys finish three miles in the time it would take me to run two (if I could even make it that far...). So proud of them this season!