October 2, 2020

be still

 I continue to crave calm and peace these days. More specifically, I find myself just wanting to just sit and be still. And breathe.

"In a society that endorses activity, I think we would all do well to put more trust in stillness."

As I was thinking about that, I pulled out one of my favorite books, Mitten Strings for God. I've found this is a book that I just need to return to every now and then. When I reread it, I feel more centered. 

It reminds me of the simple joys of childhood and motherhood; well, and life, too. Sometimes we think we need so much to make our lives happy and fulfilled--more stuff, more activities, more grand experiences. But I do feel like the greatest things can be found in the simplest wonders.

The weather in the mornings has finally dropped below 100 degrees here so we have been opening up the back door in the mornings and Brinn will play outside in our big backyard. Bikes, bugs, rocks, mud--it is the childhood I want for her. 

"It is not enough then to teach our children about nature; we must allow our children to grow up in nature."

While the high heels were tons of fun, we traded them in for the more practical red rain boots.

A little dancing in the flooded backyard.

Rocks. "My children open my eyes to places and pleasures I might otherwise have missed altogether."

I have been trying to stop more often during the day and just take a deep breath in and out. Do you ever stop just to breathe?

I also opened up the Calm app and listened to the daily calm while laying down. I feel much better when I can take these moments to be still. 

Isn't it funny though that last year there was no way that I could calm down enough to be still like this? I needed movement then. It serves me well to notice and listen to myself and then trust that I know what I need. 

Right now I need stillness.