October 13, 2020

a morning hike, and a few random favorite things

Layla and I went on a sunrise hike on my mountain. It is finally cool enough that we could get out together. This little girl loves to hike just like her mama and it makes me so excited. She wanted to make plans for our next hike before this one was even through. I love it.

Also, I was just browsing amazon prime day deals and stocked up on my favorite yoga pants. These are the best! Pockets, comfy, not see through and best price. 

CRZ Yoga pants

And then I came across these paint by sticker books that Layla and I love to do together. 

Paint by Sticker

Some of my favorite building toys are in stock, too.

Kapla Blocks

Just wanted to share that because usually all the great things I find are through other people. :)