September 26, 2020


We had one more mini family vacation. It was Layla's turn to plan our outing. She picked Subway for lunch and then Sunsplash water park in the evening.

I can not even tell you how weird it was to be back at sunsplash! It always brings me back to high school days when I worked at Big Surf and then could get into all the waterparks for free. So many memories there! And so many things have not changed one bit. ;) Anyways, it was fun to take our little family there for a couple of hours. We rode all the rides, played in the wave pool, floated the lazy river, and only had a few moments of kid behavior that I wish to block from my memory.

I love when we get to have fun and do something different together as a family. These guys make me laugh and I love to be around them.