September 9, 2020

Perry is TEN

 Happy, happy birthday to my little guy who is now in double digits!!

TEN years old!! I can not believe it. This little man is remarkable. I love him dearly.

As do his sisters and brothers, as well. The girls worked hard to make him a minecraft birthday sign.

Kyler decorated a minecraft cake for him

Perry was looking forward to this day for months. He was super excited to have his friends come over. 

And maybe really, really excited for presents. Ha! This kid's love language is one hundred percent gifts. You give him a gift and you will forever have a piece of his heart. And he will never forget it either.

Perry had a group of friends come over to swim, eat pizza, and have cake.

Perry loves legos, video games, minecraft, "boy" shows and movies, listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, swimming, and riding his bike. Some of his favorite foods right now are pineapple soda, chocolate milk, taco bell crunchy tacos, and pita bread pizzas.

Perry feels emotions with his whole body and heart and we love him for that. He loves wrestling with all the boys in the house and reading books with all of us girls.

We all love his cuddles! And the ways that he teaches us to focus on what's most important, appreciate the simple things, show compassion, and be patient. He is such an important part of our family!!

We love him with all of our hearts. 

We are so glad he is ten years old and he is ours.