September 24, 2020

Escape Room 12: The Cabin at Escape Chandler

 Escape: Chandler is definitely one of the best Escape Room venues in Arizona!!

I'm so glad we made it to this place again. A couple of years ago we went here with some friends to do the room "Tony's Bistro." We didn't have a lot of escape room experience then, but it was really well done and we had a lot of fun. Though, we only made it out because we were granted a minute extension. 

But since then, Escape: Chandler has been on our list to go back to. We finally had the chance to try another room, The Cabin, with our friends. IT WAS AMAZING!

The atmosphere, the details, the puzzles--everything was top notch. They created a cabin scene that even had the smell of the woods. Pretty incredible. The puzzles were varied and logical but made you think and work. They had some cool mechanical elements. They had some interesting details, but not so many and so random that it was frustrating or anything. It was a blast!

We didn't ask for a single clue and escaped with 27:22 left on the clock. Our game master (who happened to be the owner) came bursting in stunned and asked us our team name. We were a little confused, but she explained we were so good that we had to be a team that goes around together completing escape rooms and breaking records. Hahaha. She certainly made us feel good about our genius skills and teamwork in an escape room. 

Inspired by the vacation that brought us together, we became team "UnBELIZEable"! And then got our picture taken for the Facebook page.

Anyways, I am giving this one 5 stars--and that is not just because we broke the record and became famous;). It really is one of the best Escape Rooms in Arizona!

The Cabin at Escape: Chandler= *****