September 2, 2020

Canyon lake

If you can't have a boat, have a friend with a boat. We have awesome friends who brought us along with them to Canyon Lake.

Give us the lake any day!

This backdrop though!

So I was pretty much in heaven all afternoon. All of life's worries are gone on the lake, I think.

We stopped to do some cliff jumping.

When Dale jumped off, Perry was determined to jump off.

It took was help and a little bit of coaxing...

But we all cheered when he did it! So proud of this kid.

And then out of nowhere Layla just walked right up to one of the tallest spots and jumped right off! TWICE. The second time she cannonball-ed and landed a little funny and so her back was sore for most of the afternoon, but I was so impressed with her bravery and sense of adventure out there.

Eric jumped off of the little jump, too.

Brinna loved being in the water!

We took turns wakeboarding. 

Brinn and I were content riding in the front of the boat watching everyone.

Kacin got up on the first try! That a boy!

It had been years since Eric had been on a wakeboard, but it all came back to him right away. It brought back memories of our college days. He used to spend a lot of time on the lake back in the day.

Then it was time for tubing. Whoot, whoot.

Brinna had a little turn with me. After just a few minutes, she was done and I was ok with that because I was filled with anxiety about flying off of the tube into the water with her.

These guys took a turn.

Dale likes to kick the tube next to him. Which inspired some tube wars throughout the afternoon.

I'm glad Layla's back was feeling better and she got some rides in on the tube.

Audra and I held on tight and there was one time I thought we were both going to get thrown. Then instead some little boys on the boat untied us.

I love these two.

I love how well our kids match up.

Eric jumped tubes!

And they're all out.

I'm so grateful for this girl's friendship. And for hosting us on their boat.

One last ride four the four middle kids as the sun went down.

Such a wonderful day! I hope we get to get out there again soon.