September 8, 2020

best Dairy Queen employees

Kacin followed in Kyler's footsteps and got his first real job at Dairy Queen. 

I think he will love the perks of working at a place that makes blizzards just as much as Kyler did. :)

Kyler made the decision to make his exit from Dairy Queen and head to a new place of employment in order to gain some new skills and avoid working weekend nights. When he told his employer he would be leaving, he put in a good word for Kacin. Lucky Kacin got a job without even an interview because any brother of Kyler is for sure amazing and will make a great employee. (I think so, too--both these guys are pretty incredible people).

Kyler got to work with Kacin twice before his last day. On Kyler's last day we stopped in to visit our boys. Kyler was on a break when we got there and he welcomed us warmly.

Kyler took our order and Kacin worked hard back there. We loved seeing them working so responsibly at their first jobs. They love the people they work with and have had such great experiences there.

The last time he will serve us our blizzards...