August 21, 2020

our 3 year old

Happy birthday to the sweetest 3 year old under the sea or on the land!

Everything about Brinna is joy.

She is obsessed with The Little Mermaid. She asks to watch it every day. She is "sad like Ariel" or "mad like King Triton." She even quotes Prince Eric when I was helping her get down from a stool that wobbled "whoa, whoa, careful. Careful, easy." When she goes to swim lessons she tells me she has her mermaid tail on. Yes, she is quite into The Little Mermaid. So we celebrated her with a very low key Little Mermaid family party.

When her cousins got here, they put on the mermaid blankets and went for rides.

And this is what happens when you all run around one big room without paying attention. Get ready. I'm really smooth.


And crash...

It's all fun and games until your mom falls over.

Brinn LOVED this singing Ariel that we put on top of her cake. i'm certain she played it a hundred times that day. And who knows how many times since then.

Trying to make her three fingers...

So excited about the balloons, too.

We gathered around to sing to the birthday girl.

That's when she got her classic shy face on. I love this little shy smile she pulls.

Time to blow out the candle.

You are three, sweet girl!!

Most of her gifts were the Little Mermaid related.

We are the luckiest to get to be her parents.

Brinna is compassionate and caring. When she notices someone sad or mad she is right there with them to rub their back and help them feel better. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and tell you 'I lub you." She sings, dances, and does gymnastics around the house. She gets so excited to see her friends. She observes everything and copies exactly what you do. She loves to open the front door when someone rings the doorbell. She gets excited to play outside and swim. She is extremely easygoing and her big sisters number one playmate. Her smile is pure gold. 

We love you with all of our hearts, sweet Brinna Lou.

And that's enough, mom and dad.

Little Ariel came downstairs soon after her party.

And this is how we find her most days--either in her fancy ariel shoes or her dress.

Happy happy birthday, Brinna bug. We love watching you grow up.