August 7, 2020

mini family vacation 2

It was Kyler’s turn to plan a day for our family. We got Mod pizza for lunch, turned on a movie, and then spent the evening at the river together. He wanted to go through the part of the salt river he hadn’t done before. We loaded up the kayak, paddle boards, and a picnic dinner and headed to the river in the late afternoon. We put in at tubing stop 4 which I think is Goldfield.

It was two to a paddle board and three to the kayak. Though we rotated who rode where.

And we rotated how they rode. Perry loved to hang his feet off the back and kick. Or he loved to rock the paddle board back and forth “to make it go faster.” With two on a board it was easier to kneel or sit to paddle, but we did some standing, too. A few people got whacked in the head with the paddle when their paddler wasn’t paying attention and a few accidentally fell in the water.

We saw plenty of the beautiful horses along the way.

We pulled over at this little cliff for a snack. There is a rope swing there, which would be fun to come back to with older swimmers and when the water is deeper (it was still pretty low that day).

We made another stop around Phon D. Sutton to let the kids play in the water for a bit.

They spent some time trying to catch the little fish. No luck.

So the thing about taking our family to the river, and on any outings like this, is to roll with the punches and view it all as one big adventure. The juggling who sits with who, the fighting, the mishaps in the river, the slower pace—you have to accept the crazy and maybe even enjoy it in order to also experience the fun, the bonding, and the beauty. I’m so glad we choose to do stuff like this as a family no matter what.

Kyler made a good pick. It was a really great evening.