August 15, 2020

Escape room 10: The Secrets of the Master at Brainy Actz*

Well, I think it was the worst escape room we have ever been to, but the company was good so the night was fun anyways.

We went with our friends to a yummy sandwich shop in downtown Mesa, Worth Takeaway. 

We picked up our food and ate in the car with the air conditioning on. With content bellies, we spent way too much time trying to get a jumping picture with the self timer on the phone. 

Look at Eric go with that high kick.

We mostly laughed at our valiant and persistent attempts.

It is impossible to get a clear jumping shot from a self timer as the sun goes down. And I'm sure the 110 degree temperature didn't help our cause. We learned our lesson, but had fun trying.

Then we headed to Brainy Actz to try the room "The Secrets of the Masters." Fun theme, but poorly executed, in our opinion.

We had been to Brainy Actz before and had an ok experience, but this particular room was a step down. I don't mean to be harsh, but this was probably the worst escape room I've ever been to. Some of the clues and the puzzles were ridiculous--to the point that the escape master at the end couldn't even explain to us how it was related to the answer. Some things didn't work. One puzzle we solved but didn't even know how. And they had a lock in there that you never used as a "decoy." Insert eye roll. A decoy lock is pointless.

And I still don't like the fact that they give you a walkie talkie to ask them questions and they come in to the room to give you your clue. It is a subpar way of communicating and distracts from the experience.

We still finished with lots of time left over.

The Secrets of the Master at Brainy Actz = * (one star)

Fun night because we brought fun people, but I would not recommend this escape room in Mesa.