July 27, 2020

wild horses

My love for the river is only growing deeper.

E and I took the double kayak out from Water Users to Granite Reef, about 10 miles.

It was pretty much heaven to be on the river paddling for three hours.

The river holds new delights and new beauties every time I'm there. Or maybe it's the same every time, I just see it with new eyes.

The pure magic of this particular evening trip was magnified by the wild horses.

I have never seen that many wild horses on one river trip. But we counted well over a hundred!

It is so spectacular to be so close to these majestic animals.

And then to top it all off a storm was blowing in so we looked behind us and saw this glorious rainbow. 

We paddled parts of the river that I had never been to before. I still don't know how I grew up in Arizona and never went here before last year. Clearly, Arizona is full of beautiful surprises and has so much to explore.

More horses! They were seriously all along the river.

The rainbow was still there when we got to our car.

As if we didn't get enough beauty, the Arizona skies blessed us with more delight on the drive home. The sunset was on fire. Wow, wow, wow.

A few days before Eric and I went out, I went down river with a few of my mountain mamas.

We went in at Phon D. Sutton to Granite Reef in the early morning.

We definitely burned a lot less calories going down the river instead of up like we usually do. But I definitely think this is the way to do it.

Addie had never seen the wild horses so we were really hoping we would pass some on the side of the river. 

We felt pretty lucky when we came upon some right in the water with us. Glad Addie could see the horses up close for her first time.

I thought he was a unicorn when I first looked up and saw him there.

The wild horses on the salt river is one of the most magical experiences. SO glad I get to make it on the river often enough to see them.