July 8, 2020

these days

I was at my sister's house the other day and noticed her calendar on the wall. It was still opened up to the month of March. But across the entire page she had written "Time stopped." Ha! Because, really, who can keep track of time these days?? Everything's been canceled. Days blur together. I am not complaining about the slower pace and simple days! But I definitely feel it--time has both stood still and sped up all at the same time. Another month has come and gone. A month where we have done so much and nothing all at the same time. 

One thing I love about the slower pace is moments like this--when we can sit at a table with our girls coloring and talking.

Kyler performed surgery on his foot (I think it was a big blister he was taking care of). His sister's were fascinated and happy to assist him.

These three kids have been really into cosmic kids yoga lately. I love when they pull out their mats on their own to do yoga.

My mat is still one of my favorite places to be. I've been trying to practice yoga more. Partly in hopes that it will help my post-cancer medication stiffness. But I love all the benefits of yoga--body, mind, and spirit. I set up my mat on the patio outside my bedroom early in the morning when the weather is still tolerable and it is lovely. I can't wait for the winter when I can get out here more often.

These two girls are inseparable really. I love finding her "Layla Belle" reading to her.

The only pets I think I will ever truly love!!

Kacin got his permit!! You bet he was counting down the days so he was thrilled when his half birthday finally came.

He has been a careful, responsible driver so far. He's doing great. I just can't believe we are teaching another teenage driver...

None of us really know how he found it on Alexa, but Perry started listening to this book on audible called "Thor's Wedding Day." He listens to it every night. He falls asleep to it most nights. He loves it! I wish we could find more books for him to listen to it... however, we can't even figure out how we got this one. Haha. So we don't even have audible. If he bought it without us knowing though, it is totally worth it! 

He has listened to it so much that he can sit there and quote word for word the long passages that he loves. I love laying with him at night listening and seeing his big smile as he tries to "creep me out" with parts of the book.

I don't know if it was Brinna or Layla who took my phone, but I found this picture one day. Everyone wants to find a picture of themselves sleeping! But I think it's accurate. I get up so early to exercise and stay up too late that most days by noon I am so very ready for a nap. Luckily, most days I get one.

Brinna was hanging out with Perry "playing" video games with him.

I tried to sneak in there to take a picture of them together. Brinna noticed me and then worked really hard to get Perry's attention and have her look at him.

Then she told him to smile like this:

How cute was that exchange.

We got some BIG cardboard boxes from some furniture we bought. These boxes have been houses, forts, dog houses, doctors offices, and dog kennels with yarn bars for the dogs for sale. All from Layla's imagination. 

My favorite was when she used a knife to cut stars on the top of the box--so pretty! We all benefit from Layla's creativity.

Let's see what else have we been up to? Kyler's been working a lot--at least 20 hours a week. We play a lot of games, go on hikes and to the river, do a bit more casual homeschool, swim in our pool, and clean and work on house projects. The girls had a few weeks of swim lessons at our house. Brinna is potty trained! And Kacin and Kyler hang out with a few of their friends regularly. Eric and I are religious about friday night date nights and continue to challenge ourselves at escape rooms. These days are slow yet filled. I'm trying to treasure these days where we get more consistent time together than ever before.