July 16, 2020

rivers, lakes, and mountains

These last few months I have found peace, connection, and adventure out in nature. Multiple times a week, I venture out with my mountain mamas, my Eric, my family, or on my own to the river, the lake, or the mountains. (I apologize in advance for so many pictures in one post, but like I said--multiple times a week we are out there.)

We try to beat the arizona heat and get up and out the door before 6am. Or if we are going to be out on the water, we might head out in the evening as the sun starts to drop.

There is lots of early morning paddleboarding with my mountain mamas. We put in at Granite Reef on the Salt River.

There has been some date night paddleboarding. This was the adventure when we saw the rattlesnake swimming in the water!!

There has been a lot of early morning hiking with my girl, Kell.

And there was the time we attempted a self timer jump picture. Haha. Why do I love the outtakes as much as the jump itself??

We took our friends on an afternoon float down the river. It was their first time being there and my first time back since my traumatic experience at the end of last summer. I'm proud to say, I faced my fears about doing it again and all went well.

I did some early morning Kayaking with my friend and we saw the wild horses! Magical in the morning.

Eric and I took these two out to Windcaves at usery pass.

I really love the outtakes as much as the pictures themselves. ;)

Kyler and Kacin had a few weeks of cross country practice before they had to put that on hold. One of their runs was at Santan so while they ran with their team I went off on my own hike.

We took our kids minus Perry plus some bonus teens to the river one evening for some water fun.

That was the day that we discovered that Layla is a natural on the water with her kayak.

Brinna was happy, too.  As long as she had a snack or a paddle of her own.

Layla quickly caught on to paddleboarding.

I just have a thing for outtakes today because this one makes me laugh, too.

Brinny fitting in with her teens.

Some more mountain mama paddle boarding!

And another evening on the river with just our kids minus Perry.

Santan is the perfect exercise hike for me right now. It's only ten minutes away and the 4.5 mile loop has a great climb, but not too much, so we can easily get it done in just under 90 minutes. I’m there a couple times a week.

Just before the 4th of July we took our families to Canyon lake to play on the water. 

Watch Brinn's intense face progression as she throws those rocks with all her might...

These two!

It was our first time taking our floating mat out to the lake. We had just as much fun on it here as we do in the pool. Seriously, this is the best water toy! Playing, relaxing, big kids, little kids...highly recommend it.

Perry loved the water! He was all over the place in the kayak. He even let Eric take him on a long paddle board ride.

She got mad at Kacin about something.

And gave him quite the look.

Pretty moon on the drive home!

"The first great thing is to find yourself, and for that you need solitude and contemplation--at least sometimes. I can tell you that deliverance will not come from the rushing, noisy centers of civilization."
-Fridtjof Nansen

I agree! I find myself when I am out on the river, the lake, or the mountains.