July 5, 2020

mini me and family goals

One Sunday afternoon, after home church, I presented a chart to my family. Back here we had decided on some family goals we wanted to set in order to earn a BIG reward at Christmas time.

These goals are big and are going to stretch us and push us. They are things like reading 25 books (approved by me), exercising and eating healthy, spending quality time with each sibling, and journal writing. In addition, we have a family goal to play every game in our game closet (which is A LOT of games). And each month we have a different random goal. In June, each person was supposed to make a music video (which was so fun! They were all so creative.)

Anyways, I presented my little poster and explained how the kids should keep track of the goals. Not too much later, little Brinn--my mini-me--gathered us all back to the couch. Then she presented her poster that she had made.

It was the most deliciously adorable thing in the world! She walked around the room holding up her poster and saying "Alright...so...so guys..." She raised the poster above her head and cheered for herself. She asked Kyler to say a prayer. She said, "Alright everybody, what's on my picture?" When Eric answered "circles", she cheered for him again. "Yaayyy!!" "Alright everybody...so...so everybody...I'm going to teach you abc's." She sang the alphabet song and we declared this one of the best family meetings we have ever been to.

For better or worse, my mini me. I love her.