July 15, 2020

father’s day

As the father of our family, Eric is our rock, our safety, our healer. There is not a better man in this world than he is. 

At our home church on father's day, I asked each child to share how dad helps them to draw closer to Christ. All of their examples and thoughts were beautiful. He lives his life with such great faith, devotion, patience, humility, generosity, repentance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. He points us to Christ. We are so grateful he is ours.

The kids made him his favorite for breakfast, e.g. waffles, and then presented him with gifts to show their love.

Kyler made him this cake for the occasion (again, thank you dairy queen job). We loved his joke of writing mother's day first and putting it on discount. so funny.

So glad you are the father of my children, E.

Layla also created this nearly life size image of her dad so she could sit by him all day long. Hahaha. 

I can't believe I never got a picture of Perry with Eric. But he loves his dad, too. Even though he doesn't like to admit it sometimes. ;)

Happy father's day, E!