July 18, 2020

escape room 8: the crimson storm at puzzle effect***

Yo ho, a pirate's life for me. 

Eric and I went by ourselves to the Puzzle Effect to try the Crimson Storm room. We went together to this place before and did the Knight and Rook room. That room was actually our least favorite room we've tried in all of our escape room experience, but we were willing to give this place another try. 

The Crimson Storm room is a pirate themed puzzle. It has the potential of so much fun! We wish our cluemaster had set us up better. She hardly spoke to us and sent us into the room to watch the video and get started. At the end of the video, it tells you to shackle yourself to the wall and then figure out how to unlock yourself. Unfortunately by that time, we had already jumped into the game and solved the chain puzzle without realizing we were supposed to be locked in it. I wish our cluemaster had instructed us to get chained up to the wall before she left. That would've made it a ton more interesting and difficult.

The other puzzles were interesting. We had to ask for one clue, but that's because we forgot about a paper we had gotten in an earlier box. And also because one of their puzzles was a stretch. But we finished and found the treasure with lots of time left over.

With our 5 Star rating scale with 5 being the best, we would give this room a 3. It could've been a 4 if the cluemaster had been more engaging and set us up better in the room.

The Crimson Storm at Puzzle Effect = *** (3 stars)