July 11, 2020

escape room 7: Mystery at the Lost Point Lodge at Brainy Actz

We found a Groupon for this escape room at Brainy Actz: Mystery at the Lost Point Lodge. (What are we going to do once we use all of the escape room Groupons?? ha!)

We grabbed dinner and krispy kreme donuts which meant we were sufficiently fueled and sugared up and ready to go.

The room itself was pretty cool. It was another linear room. It had a lot of mechanical elements to it, which is always fun. What I liked was that when something you did triggered something in the room to open up or unlock it would give you a verbal clue, like "window unlocked." We've been to rooms that didn't tell you this and it made it really tricky to know if something across the room happened so we were glad they did that. The puzzles were good, but there were a few things that didn't seem placed very well and kind of a stretch. One of the puzzles we had right, but the trigger didn't work so we got stuck for awhile until we asked the cluemaster for a hint and he came in and checked our work and saw that it was right and then had to manually release the next part. So that was kind of annoying, but we understand that things happen. They definitely need a more updated and efficient way to communicate with the cluemaster in there. I do feel like they could've used a few more puzzles in there. We finished up quickly.

We are definitely going to need to update our rating system to a five star system. It's two hard just to say one, two, or three. I keep wanting to give something one and a half stars, etc. I won't go back to update the other escape room reviews, but going forward this will be our new system.

New rating system while keeping in mind the old system here

5: excellent, the best, highly recommend
4: awesome, great, but not perfect
3: really good, but could use some improvements
2: fair enough
1: eh, just ok

This room would have to be a two star room, in our opinion.

Mystery at the Lost Point Lodge: Brainy Actz **