July 3, 2020

california trip

It was a quick trip to California for Aunt Randi's services, but we had a little bit of time in between to enjoy San Clemente.

These boys and their teenage smiles. :)

We walked from our hotel to get some yummy tacos.

Then Jenny met up with us and we went on a walk down to the beach.

As we walked, we admired the cute houses and beautiful vegetation unique to California. We each picked the house we would choose to live in, if we lived there.

I loved this pretty door.

We made it to the beach just in time to bask in the sunset.

Kacin is my favorite model ever. ;) He tries so hard, haha.

The sky was on fire! Then we headed back to the hotel in the dark.

The next morning, my kids and I took our bikes and road down to San Clemente State beach. We ended up at the campground. But I was happy with that because we saw such gorgeous views!

I don't even know anymore if we were trying to make weird faces or not. It's just so natural for us.

So much beauty!

Especially this guy. He was on a roll this trip... :)

I was wishing I had a couple of hours and a stack of books to sit right here to read.

My boys taught me to do "real" pushups with my elbows close to my body verses sticking out. 

I was only doing them on a bench BUT I died! They were so much harder that way. I couldn't even do two. And then I was no joke sore the next day. I prefer pushups with elbows out, I think. Ha!

Layla used my phone to take pictures while we were at the state beach. This one was my favorite. 

Let's note that she loves wearing this hat these days. My dad gave it to her when she helped them sort through their stuff to move. I adore her and all of the faces and videos and pictures I was left to sort through on my phone.

After our bike ride, we went back to the hotel to get Jenny and then walked to the beach again. We continued our game of finding our favorite houses. We enjoyed admiring the miniature town set up in this yard. 

I used to say that I'd pick the trees and the woods any day, but lately my heart is at the beach. I love everything about the waves, the sand, the salt air, the sun...there's connection and healing at the beach.

It was a quick trip, but oh so worth it.