July 26, 2020


Another year older. 
And how grateful I am for each and every day in those years. For the things I am learning and experiencing and the people I get to share it all with.

That is not to say that I live a carefree life of butterflies and rainbows and happiness. Clearly not the case! Some days are oh so hard, but when I stop to really think about it, I would never trade those experiences in because that is how I am growing the most. And after 36 years on this earth I better have done some growing and learning and gathered up a little wisdom and strength. I've earned every gray hair on my 36 year old head, that is for sure.

Life gave me another experience on my birthday week. I was supposed to go in to get my six month CT scan done. Unfortunately, a few days before that, I came down with some covid-19 symptoms--cough, achy, low grade fever. The rule at my oncologist's office is that if you get ANY possible covid symptoms you have to get two negative covid tests done before you can go in to their office. And with "possible covid" that also meant we had to cancel all of our plans for the week and stay home and quarantine.

First thing, my medical anxiety raged it's roaring head at the thought of getting a covid test. Thankfully, Eric came with me to get tested, too. And the guy who did the testing was actually quite gentle and kind and it was easy. (so not the case for test number two when I went a week later! She shoved that thing into my nostril, or my brain, I'm not sure which.)

Then I quarantined for the week, trying to avoid my family while I had a fever and my cough was the worst. Layla and Brinna made picture after picture and note after note (this was only the start of it). I felt so much love!

I loved this star lantern she made. So pretty!

On the morning of my birthday, I discovered a facebook post by E. Which I quickly asked him to remove so I didn't die from embarrassment...but I so appreciated the thought and the love behind his post!!

Then my sweet sister made my day by dropping off a box of gifts. Each gift had a time on them and so I opened up gifts all day long.

I especially loved all of the sweet notes from nieces and nephews! They gave me such sweet gifts.

I emerged from my room for a family party. Eric and the kids made me a cake with SO many sprinkles. 

My helper...

Then I opened gifts from everyone.

Perry's gift was SO thoughtful. When Eric told him it was time to go to the store to buy me a present, he told him he knew exactly what I needed: Vitamins. Since I was sick and he wanted me to get better that is exactly what he thought I needed. I was thankful to my little buddy! I loved it.

There had been a lot of anticipation and excitement that PSYCH 2 came out on my birthday! We sat down to watch it as a family. (if you are a psych fan of course you are going to like it, but at the same time it was not my favorite--too many inappropriate jokes and hard to follow and too repetitive of some things. but it's still more Psych in my life, so I'll take it.)

It was hard for me to cancel all of my birthday plans, but once I accepted that fact it was a lovely day. I was grateful for all of the texts, calls, and gifts and glad I could spend the day with these beautiful people.