June 20, 2020

Survivor (part 2)

The next tree mail was delivered...

I'm disappointed I didn't get any pictures of this one, but each team chose five people to send. Everyone else just had to wait and watch from back in their camp area. I told the 5 that they were playing for an advantage in the next challenge. We played the game "Giants, Wizards, Elves." Basically the game is "Rock, paper, scissor"...but different :). Each team quietly decides as a group to be Giants, Wizards, or Elves. Then the teams face each other. We count down from 3 and then at the same time both teams reveal who they are by making the corresponding action. The Wizards wave their wands/magic hands, the Elves squat down low and accentuate their pointy ears, and the Giants stand up tall rasing their hands menacingly-like. Giants smash Elves, Elves outwit Wizards, and Wizards stop Giants with their magic. 

We played best out of three. At the end of the challenge, both teams received a bag of regular water balloons. But the winning team also received a bunch of the easy fill balloons. They were instructed to go back to their teams and inform them that they needed to bring filled water balloons to the next challenge. The team that had the most water balloons in 20 minutes would win an extra point. 

However, there was a twist! They would not be going back to the tribes they came from. They would be switching tribes. To some this was exciting, and to others not so much so. Haha.

They got to work filling up balloons. (Each tribe had access to a hose all day so that's what they had to use.)

We gathered for the challenge. The concept of this one was good, but it didn't quite work out as envisioned. Each team was to alternate launching water balloons at a target (sorry no picture of the target!). We hung a tarp and placed construction paper squares on it. The goal was to hit the other tribe's color construction paper. Unfortunately, we had some glitches. The tape was not holding the papers well under the hot sun. Once we had everything retaped, they were having trouble with the balloon launcher. So eventually we abandoned the launcher and had them just throw the balloons at the target. Which led to the problem of the water balloons splattering and getting multiple papers wet so it was hard to know which ones they actually hit to remove! We had to make some rough decisions as judges.

We did walk away with a winner in the end. The reward was popsicles.

During the next break, they tried to fuel them selves up with some of their rations. These guys split up some dried ramen. Yum?

Tree mail!

This was a fun challenge! And the reward was great. Basically the teams had to be the first to hang their flag up on a flagpole. But in order to do that they first had to have people dig through the mud to find their tribe's color flags (dollar tree plastic table cloths cut into strips). 

These guys would pass the flags one at a time to their tribe members.

These tribe members had to tie the flags around their teams flag pole (that's what the guy in the red shirt is doing below). 

Once they tied ten then the could start giving flags to these tribe members who were tying them together to make a rope long enough to retrieve a key.

They attached the rope to a metal ring (from a canning jar).

This was hard stuff, but one team was able to get the key. And maybe the other team got some help from another mom...

But they took the key to the other side of the yard where their flag was locked to a fence. They used the key to unlock their flag and then run it back to their flag pole and tie it on.

Winners! The joy and pride was apparent after that tough challenge.

They were pretty stoked that their reward was a taco pack and a couple of nachos from Taco Bell to share.

Meanwhile....the other team was filling up on melted peanut butter. Haha!

They were good sports about it.

Backyard Survivor will be continued in one more post soon!