June 14, 2020

smiles and twirls

This may turn into another Brinna post.

But can you ever have too many posts about the cutest 2 year old??

No, I think not.

This one starts with some smiles and dance moves. 

Twirl and twirl!

When we were helping my parents move, Layla helped my mom sort through some stuff. She came home with all sorts of treasures, one of them being some vintage clothes for Layla to use on her dolls. Layla was thrilled when she realized her favorite doll (her real life version--little miss Brinna) would fit into some of the dresses. Like this one. Certainly from the 80s. Brinny was adorable in it.

On a separate morning, Perry was reading a pirate abc book that he loves. He shared it with Brinna and they had a special moment together. 

Perry loves being a big brother to Brinn with all of his heart.

Their relationship is a special one.

We unpacked a few more boxes and found some bubble wrap. I left Brinna playing with it and when I came back into the room someone had fashioned her a dress. hmmm.

I just don't know. But she loved her new outfit and there were more twirls.

My parents stayed with us for a few days in between homes and Brinna loved having Grammy and Papa here. She loved running down the hallway to their room to play with them. And to take care of them. By making sure they kept their face masks on. haha

We met up with some of her sweet friends for a "hike" and to feed the ducks and chase the bunnies. It's already getting too hot for early morning outings like this (boo to the intense heat), but the girls had fun "hiking" together so I'm glad we did it.