June 28, 2020

escape room 6: The Condo at escape games az**

We went back to Escape Games AZ.

The first time we went here we took our boys. This time we went with some of our awesome friends. 

We did The Condo room. And crushed it.

Entering the Condo was very nostalgic--like walking into my Grandma's house and my childhood. It was so well done! We all loved the details of the room--the VHS tapes, the games, the mugs, the cabbage patch doll, the TV guide with pictures from some of our favorite shows (Full House!)--too fun. 

Eric and I give this room 2.5 stars. (Ok, we probably need to rethink our rating system if I'm going to keep giving things half stars...so if I was using a five star system, this room would be a 4.) It was probably one of the best linear rooms we have been to. It had a good variety of puzzles and elements and lots of fun. 

Having all four of our brains working together to puzzle things out was great. I love how differently we all think about things and use our different strengths. Four people is probably my favorite number for a linear escape room.

We are excited to try the other rooms at Escape Games AZ! We really like this place.