June 9, 2020

escape room 5: Paradox Escape Room **

Eric and I tried out an escape room in downtown Gilbert for date night—Paradox Escape Room.  

We played the Caskwerks and Capone Room. Using my own escape room rating system here, we gave it 2 stars. But if I could give it one and a half stars, I would probably do that.  It was rated a 7/10 for difficulty. It was pretty linear. There were a couple of fun elements and puzzles. But there were a couple of things that seemed unrelated to anything else and more confusing than puzzling (for example, a type of wooden locking puzzle box that we had never seen. The box itself was cool, but the combination was unrelated to the box and didn't really connect to the element in the room). We ended up getting a couple clues without asking and we asked for one clue. There was some math in the game, but they gave you a calculator and a notepad and pen (it was some serious math!). We finished with over ten minutes to spare. Overall, we had a lot of fun and Paradox Escape Rooms is a place we will be back to. We are looking forward to trying the other rooms there.