May 16, 2020

Mountain Mamas

A friend persuaded me to give mountain biking a try. That is a fear that I haven’t faced since I crashed well over ten years ago when Eric and I thought we would start mountain biking together (after that crash, I was out). But she promised we would go slow and take it easy so I took a deep breath (well, lots of them) and faced my fear. Whew, I did it! I don’t like downhills or going fast, but I would be willing to go again in hopes that with every bit of experience I will get more comfortable.

After our mountain biking adventure, we started making plans for other outings like hiking, paddle boarding, and more mountain biking. Which led to our friend running with the idea of matching shirts for us “mountain mamas.” I went mountain biking once and now I have a club with matching shirts. Look at that! I love these ladies and glad they patiently, nonjudgmentally pushed me out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to more adventures with the mountain mamas!