May 22, 2020

I really really love my teenagers

They drive me wild in so many ways!!
But I was thinking last night about how much I love my teenagers. (And their teenage friends)

They love to spice life up and sometimes in the moment it makes me lose my cool. Like when I left them to decorate a big cookie to deliver to a friends family and this is what they do.

Nothing says love and warmth like “fear the Allred’s!”. Huge eye roll here.

But their hearts are good and their characters are solid.

Whenever they drive to DQ or bahama bucks they always surprise me by bringing a treat back for me. Even with their friends there, they all tolerate my homeschool history lessons, they jump in to do chores and help around the house, they play with, watch, and include younger siblings, they join in our family game nights, they dance with us when we blast music and turn on the party lights. They are a dream!

And they keep my life interesting. For example, when Brinna started yelling at me to save her car and I looked out the window and saw the teenage boys like this.

At least they included Perry in their plans.

They drive me crazy and I love them for that.