May 23, 2020

escape room 4: escape games Arizona**

We took our older boys to Escape Room Arizona in Mesa to do the Quest for the Throne escape room.

We used a groupon for this room. This one was mostly linear, so perfect for our small group. It had a great variety of puzzles, locks, keys, and elements. A Knight theme was very family friendly. This room was rated 7/10 and we thought that was pretty accurate. We did ask for our three clues, but one of them was just because we didn't see a lock hidden to the side of a picture frame so I don't really count that one. Ha! We escaped with 11:47 minutes left! 

We are excited to try the other rooms here because we feel like this was a really balanced and well done escape room business. 

So we have always had fun at every escape room that we have tried, but there is definitely a difference in quality and experience among escape rooms and businesses. I just feel like I need my own personal rating system here if I'm going to keep sharing our experiences with these places. So here it is:

One Star*--the escape room is ok; not a lot of variety or interesting elements; puzzles are average or aren't connected or adequately puzzling; atmosphere is subpar or cheaply done; escape masters don't seem engaged or give poor clues; system of communication is lacking or low technology; too linear so hard to keep moving especially with more people

Two Stars**--the escape room is well done and I would definitely recommend; multiple kinds of elements, types of puzzles, and locks; interesting and nice atmosphere with space in the room; adequate system for communication with the escape master and clear direction; fun and challenging 

Three Stars***--the escape room is extremely well done and I would highly recommend!; the room is set up well with quality elements and design; a variety of impressive elements, types of puzzles, and locks; there is an attention to detail in the room and by the escape masters; good technology for communication with the escape masters and good clues as needed; super fun and challenging

Escape Games Arizona: Quest for the Throne = **