April 23, 2020

Tres Rios Wetlands

It’s thrilling to find beautiful places we never even knew existed so close to our home here in Arizona. Who would’ve thought that a place that I grew up in would have so many hidden gems?

We wanted to take a walk as a family, but also get out of our neighborhood. Perry would need his wheelchair this particular day. Eric did a quick search on his All Trails app and two wheelchair accessible trails popped up nearby. That’s how we found Tres Rios Wetlands.

Wide trail, water, birds, pretty rocks, flowers, and a mountain view. We’ll take it!

Perry stayed buried under a blanket most of the time so he could see the show he was watching on his phone. 

See, how pretty is this!

I’m certain it was Kyler’s suggestion to hold hands, hahaha.

I’m sure you know by now that what often keeps Layla going on these hikes is taking pictures. I end up with so many that I have to delete the majority of them. But I was so delighted that she caught these spontaneous moments of play during these next few pictures.

On our walk, we had a family meeting. Eric and I revealed, through a lot of hype and explanation, a plan that we have to work as a family for a special Christmas present. It was here that we laid out all of the conditions that have to be met. We will see what happens!

Brinna gave her daddy her necklace. Pretty boy.

Make a wish.

I love her glee when she’s playing with daddy.

Kyler has this grand idea when he ended up pushing an empty stroller. 

Then they added to it.

Add one more.

They were quite the train to end our walk.

But this was the greatest moment. (Kacin is so incredibly strong! He carried Eric like this for quite always in my opinion.)

We made some good memories in the desert wetlands.