April 2, 2020

social distancing

Have we all become extras in an apocalyptic movie?
Walking through grocery stores these days is so surreal. And pretty eery. The shelves are empty. Shoppers walk around wearing masks and gloves. Over the intercom, a public service announcement comes on reminding us to maintain social distancing (6 feet or two carts) from people. Signs are posted.

We wait in lines to get into Costco because they limit the number of people who can be in the store at one time. And if we don’t get there hours before they open (HOURS), we have no chance to get toilet paper.

Yes, sirree. We are living in a creepy movie. 

We all miss our friends and gathering in small and large groups. And we wonder when (or if...) life will return to “normal.”

We are finding creative ways to interact with each other. Technology is a blessing. We play Jackbox games, Risk, and Minecraft online. We talk with friends (even my toddler!) over zoom, FaceTime, and Marco Polo. We hold medical appointments, foster care licensing appointments, church firesides, YM activities, and seminary classes over zoom. We exercise in classes online. It’s kind of a miracle that even with all this social distancing we can still be social and carry on with so many aspects of our lives.

Air hugs!