April 27, 2020

scripture study

“The truths of the Book of Mormon have the power to heal, comfort, restore, succor, strengthen, console, and cheer our souls.”
-President Russel M. Nelson

One beautiful blessing from the stay home orders due to Covid-19 is that we now have the time to be consistent with family scripture study. It has always been such a challenge for us to study all together because the older kids leave for school so early (6:10am!) and then there always seemed to be some activity or event at night making it impossible to be consistent. We have tried many different things but nothing has really been lasting. 

However, now that no one is rushing off to work or school, we can actually take time to study come follow me and read the scriptures each day. We gather around 8:30 am, or whenever Eric has a break from any morning meetings. 

Our study is brief and the discussion is often one-sided, but we are consistent and I feel a difference in our home. 

I definitely feel a difference in my own life as I am consistent in my personal study of the Book of Mormon. There is great power in that book and it draws me closer to my savior and helps me to keep my sights on a more eternal perspective. And that brings me great peace, comfort, and wisdom as I make decisions throughout my day.

(Photo credit to Perry. What a happy surprise that he got us in the pictures he took as he walked around with my phone!)