April 7, 2020

home church and general conference

It has been over a month since we have met with our ward congregation in a church building to worship and take the sacrament together. This is by far the longest stretch of time in my whole 35 years that I have not set foot in a church building. Sometimes I think I should miss it, and I do, but this unique and special opportunity to truly worship together and partake of the sacred sacrament emblems as one family inside the walls of our own home has been such a beautiful experience that all I feel is gladness for this chance.

Kyler and Kacin prepare the sacrament so reverently each week. Perry and Layla even like to pitch in to put the water in the cups or carry the plate of bread to the piano bench that we use as a table. 

We rotate responsibilities during our sacrament meeting—taking turns as chorister, speaker, or offering the prayers. After our sacrament meeting we have primary/Sunday school with primary songs and a short lesson. One week we told stories using our flannel board. Brinna was so engaged with this activity (sorry we can’t keep clothes on her anymore...).

We just had a very special general conference. It has been 200 years since the First Vision and so we had a unique conference to focus and celebrate the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We watched all five sessions together at home. There were some amazing messages and the strongest spirit. We participated in the Hosanna Shout together and listened to the new Proclamation of the Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

My favorite talks off of the top of my head were those given by Sister Jones and Sister Bingham.

The talks aren’t available to read yet, but this is something I tried to write down from the message from Sister Jones. She included a conversation she had with President Nelson and some primary children. This  is skipped around a bit, but you will get the idea of the powerful, simple truth that is taught here.

 Is it hard to be a prophet? Are you like really busy?

Of course, it’s hard. Everything to do with becoming more like the savior is difficult...

The Lord loves effort. Because effort brings rewards that can’t come without it.

It takes effort, a lot of hard work, a lot of study and there is never an end. That’s good. That’s good. We are always progressing.

We keep practicing. We are always progressing as long as we are striving to always follow the Lord.

Our commitment to progress brings eternal rewards.”

I can not wait until the talks become available to read. I study them so much better when I can see them.

Eric sent me this picture he took from a moment during conference. We had a back rubbing train of sorts going on here. :)

We also took some lovely bike rides between sessions. It has been gorgeous weather.

Kacin also took conference weekend to work on his backflips. He is so close to sticking a standing backflip.

How grateful I am that within the walls of our home we can hold our own church services and feel the spirit, partake of the sacrament, and draw near to our Savior in worship. I am grateful for a living prophet who received the revelation to make the recent changes to Sunday services that has allowed this to be such an easy transition for our family and for his organization of a beautiful general conference.