April 14, 2020

happy easter

I equal parts missed gathering with others this easter and loved spending all the weekend with just us.

Layla set the mood when she pulled out all the pictures she loved from our 2019 come follow me manual and covered our glass door to the backyard with them. It served two purposes—reminded us the real reason for Easter and blocked the view so no one could cheat and peek to see where the easter bunny hid the eggs for our egg hunt. This was a special surprise she planned for everyone to find easter morning.

Layla had a holiday sleepover in the boys room so easter morning they would all be together when they woke up and then came to wake us up.

We stopped at the stairs while Eric showed us a beautiful video about our Savior on easter morning.

There was some delighted children at the sight of their easter baskets. Perry had been talking about this video game aaaalllll week.

Brinna the sugar bug wasted no time before enjoying her Cadbury egg.

So the easter bunny forgot the things that she had already gotten for their baskets and ended up buying more things. And all the things did not fit in the baskets (like new pool floats for the summer season). So the easter bunnies wrote a clue to where each person’s surprises were and cut them up like a puzzle and hid them in three separate eggs. So the kids had to find their three eggs, put the puzzle together, figure out what the clue meant, and then search the house to find the item. It took a little puzzling and searching but ultimately they all found their surprises.

It’s tradition! Easter baskets on your head before the big egg hunt.

Egg hunt!

Brinna was happy to find a few eggs to eat the jelly beans but really wasn’t too interested in gathering eggs into her basket.

Perry on the other hand was on the hunt for all the money eggs!

Kyler was the first to find a golden egg.

It makes me happy to have him by my side creating traditions and fun and magic and memories.

After our breakfast, the kids were ready for a silly string fight thanks to the gift in everyone’s basket (dad got two).

Not everyone like the silly string as much as others. This might be why.

There’s the smiles! Much more fun to be on the spraying side of things.

When never got around to coloring eggs this year so we couldn’t do our traditional egg smash so this was the next best thing.

We heard the easter bunny was going to be out in the neighborhood so we went on a family bike ride. We made a stop to watch the ducks with their babies and a turtle in the neighborhood lake.

And then there was another stop for a race around the track. 

Eventually, we made it to pass by the easter bunny. Brinna was excited to see the easter bunny waving and dancing.

We watched the Easter Parade starring Judy Garland and Fred Estaire. I can’t believe this is the first time my family had seen that movie. I still knew every word to those songs from watching it in my childhood.
Then we had a really nice at home church, a ham for Easter dinner, and played games before bed. 

Happy Easter!!