April 10, 2020


One on one time is pretty high on our priority list. We were on a roll and getting out to do some creative things together—cooking classes, escape rooms, axe throwing etc. However, these current stay at home orders have forced us to change up our date nights once again. We are just getting creative in different ways.

We have done multiple hikes (and snuck in a zip line experience to use a Groupon).

Lost Dutchman state park is gorgeous!!

Squish the eye kiss.

Another night we went on a ten mile bike ride to pick up dinner. (And ran into these boys of ours out on a bike ride of their own on our way home)

Back when gatherings of fifty were still allowed, we attended a beautiful wedding for Eric’s high school friend.

We have also been trying to be more creative and consistent with mini date nights with our kids (no more than 20-30 min). Round one of dates with each of them was to lay on a blanket in the grass at the park across the street to stargaze. Some really great conversations happened under the stars. The most memorable stargazing experience was with Kacin though when the sprinklers came on and we had to jump up and run out of there before we got soaked. Round 2 dates may have included a car and parking lot...

Eric also had to protect Kyler when he had a date one night. When she came to the door, he answered it with a thermometer in hand, an extra mask, and hand sanitizer to sanitize her down and enforce social distancing measures. She was a good sport about it and we all laughed.

I think one of the most important ingredients to any healthy relationship is play. We need to have time to relax, laugh, talk, and enjoy each other—just have fun together. Play is essential in building strong relationships.