April 15, 2020


Eric and I went on an 18 mile bike ride a few days ago. The weather has been perfect for things like this. Our route was wide enough that we could ride side by side. I turned my music on shuffle and kept my phone in my pocket and then we had a diverse, happy soundtrack to ride along to. Though the thought came to me that if I’m going to keep doing this I might want to delete the preschool albums...riding along to 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed wasn’t exactly the bike ride theme song I was needing.

We ended our night at DQ to visit our favorite employee.

He even flashed me his classic your taking my picture face. Since Covid-19 they let you use the drive thru on your bikes. We pedaled through to place our order. Kyler said he knew it was us as soon as he heard my blizzard order. No one else ever orders a blizzard as weird as mine he says. But Mint Peanut Butter cup is amazingly good so I don’t care if it sounds weird.